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Who is Constance Carter?

Constance is not your typical individual; she's a dynamic force of nature, a true wealth activist on a mission to redefine possibilities. With a remarkable journey that has seen her achieve historic milestones, she is a trailblazer in multiple domains. As the founder of California's largest independent African American owned real estate firm, a prolific Author with best-selling books, a TEDx speaker with a nearly half-million views, a savvy Cannabis Investor, and a seasoned Residential & Commercial Real Estate Investor, Constance has proven herself as an industry maven.


Yet, Constance's story goes far beyond her professional accolades. She is a Motivational Speaker and Transformational Coach, dedicated to empowering individuals, particularly women of color, to reach their full potential and attain  wealth. Her life's work is a testament to her evolution, built on the core belief that wealth is a birthright attainable by all.

What sets Constance apart is her down-to-earth, unfiltered authenticity. Known for her refreshing honesty, her humor, and her relatable advice, Constance guides audiences along a path lined with opportunities for wealth accumulation. She is a captivating and unforgettable speaker, sharing her wealth of wisdom with people all around the globe.

In her role as a Real Estate & Mortgage Broker, she has assisted thousands in building their wealth portfolios through real estate investments. However, today, her mission has expanded beyond transactions to encompass coaching and training programs designed to help others overcome the challenges of wealth building. Constance's journey, marked by personal hardships like divorce, foreclosures, short sales, bankruptcy, and a rock-bottom credit score of 379, serves as the roadmap for her transformative guidance because she uses her hardships as the blueprint to help individuals achieve million dollar success without making million dollar mistakes.


Constance's impact extends far and wide, with features in esteemed publications such as Black Enterprise, HuffPost, Rolling Out Magazine, FOX, Yahoo Finance, ABC, and many others.


Yet, amidst her transformative work, she remains an incredible mother, a part-time battle rapper, a mediator, counselor, and the best friend to her four children.

Constance Carter's unwavering belief that wealth is indeed a birthright has become a beacon of hope, transforming lives across the globe. Her story is one of resilience, empowerment, and boundless opportunity, inspiring countless individuals to chase their dreams and secure their financial futures.

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