Now is your time to go for it.

Constance Carter, Tinarsha Brown, and Sheila Green are three women on one mission to encourage the world to chase their dreams—and catch them. Their individual journeys are a true testament to beating the odds, having turned their tremendous losses into triumphant victories themselves, including building multi-million dollar companies from the ground up. Now together as entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, and great friends, this incredible trio has formed an unbreakable bond of sisterhood, sealed with a purpose to use their life and business lessons to show others how to create lives filled with purpose and passion, and fueled by the pursuit of success—on their own terms.

Their stories will inspire you.  Their success will encourage you.  Their message of motivation and willingness to win will push you to go for everything life has to offer.

THE O.N.E Book is for the modern woman with the heart to overcome all obstacles and never give up, and the relentless desire to make this year her best ever—at all costs.

Define your IT.

Keeping Score

What you need to know, to make your credit score grow.

One of the most critical pieces to building wealth is having good credit. Of the thousands of individuals I have helped become homeowners, a great many did not understand the value of credit or how to decipher a credit report. What most people don’t understand is that it’s not as scary or hard to understand as they think, and it’s certainly not very difficult to repair and maintain. While there are some legitimate credit repair companies out there, others have made a fortune in doing basic “credit repair” functions that a consumer has the ability to do themselves. This is not a quick fix credit repair book. It is a short, yet comprehensive book that gives the nuts and bolts on credit health. It was written to help you understand how credit works, gives you tips on how to improve and maintain your credit, shows you how to decipher a credit report, and will give examples of how simple practices can help you remove negative items on your credit, and boost your credit score permanently.

Build Credit to Build Wealth

The Blueprint for a Wealthy Credit Score.

Learn the step by step tips, tools, and secrets that this hands on workbook teaches you to build, restore, and sustain wealthy credit. Couple this with the online training mywealthroadmap.com and you will have everything you need to get in positon to start building wealth today!

The Secret to Breaking the B.R.O.K.E. Code

Manifesting Growth, Abundance, and Overflow.

In this short read, Constance Carter has a clear mission. It’s helping people realize their full God-given potential so they can not only change their lives, but positively effect the life of others. In Breaking the B.R.O.K.E Code, Best Selling Author & CEO of one of the fastest growing real estate firms in Northern California, Constance Carter is sounding the alarm. Recognizing that most people aren’t living up to their potential she lays out the blueprint of what it takes to manifest your dreams. This book is for any person who has the courage to break generational curses and create a legacy of wealth and royalty. For those who want to look back over their life knowing they made a difference in someone else’s. And those individuals who have ever felt inadequate but believe life can be better. Constance shares the secret to breaking through your fears, your purpose, and your mindset to goal set to reaching your dreams.