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The Scale it Up Summit's goal is to scale your life and business from where you are, to where you want to be, through Leadership, Applied Learning, Empowerment, Networking, and Enjoyment.

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An action packed event filled with Good Vibes, Food, Drinks, Games, Learning, and More! Learn how to grow your business in social media; how to invest for the future; the benefits of hiring a business coach; about Real Estate, and more!


I  usually don’t write reviews, but I just finished reading “Keeping Score” and it was VERY informative. This book is great because even if you have good credit it gives you sound advice on how to achieve EXCELLENT credit or simply how to maintain a great score. I will be ordering my credit report this week and after reading this book and taking notes I feel well prepared to handle whatever issues effecting my credit scores, The author even included example letters to the credit bureau and creditors. If you’re looking to purchase a home, refinance an existing home or just get your credit in better standing, this book will help you achieve that goal by equipping you with the knowledge needed to do so.



Shout out to the REALEST realtor I know! Thanks for making everything happen for my family and constantly having our best interest at heart from beginning to end. You assisted me every step of the way and intervened when necessary. You have officially made it into my family tree.

Thank you Constance Carter.

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Constance Carter is brilliant and savvy! I have several businesses which have struggled to take flight until attending this webinar. Constance presented information surrounding initial set up for businesses, along with the pros and cons for each. This information truly helped me redefine my path forward. Since attending, I have aggressively ramped up my businesses with a structure that will help maximize growth, credit and financing potential.  A major perk has been being able to reference materials after attending the webinar!


I’m overwhelmed with emotions of self determination, tears (takes a lot to make me cry), motivation, empowerment, fight, passion and most of all hope. It’s wonderful to hear of the “success stories” and glory that comes along with it but you allowed yourself to be vulnerable and trusting enough to talk about the struggles and hurt experienced behind the success. We all have a story but reading your relentless effort push-drive in SPITE of your obstacles is what’s so impressive and admirable.

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