1. Magic Johnson

    I met Magic Johnson several years ago. He is an extremely smart & savvy businessman. One thing I learned from him was…

    To be intentional about the people I do business with.

  2. George C. Fraser

    George C. Fraser is the chairman and CEO of FraserNet and founder of the annual Power-Networking Conference, ranked by Forbes as top 4 conferences in North AmericaOne of the most powerful things that George Fraser ever told me was…

    To always make sure I look back to reach back. Never turn your back on your community and always help those who are still trying to make it.

  3. Randal D Pinkett
    Randal D. Pinkett is an American business consultant who in 2005 was the winner of season four of the reality television show, The Apprentice. Pinkett was the first African American to win the The Apprentice.When we first met Randall Pinkett, he told us…

    We would be doing something great together… 

    And one year later, we wrote our first book.

  4. Les Brown

    Les Brown is an American motivational speaker, author, radio DJ, former television host, and former politician.Les is a personal friend.One day as we were talking on the phone, he said…

    Constance, I see you touching the lives of millions.

  5. Lisa Nichols
    Lisa Nichols is a celebrated motivational speaker who has inspired millions through her seminars and her role as a featured teacher in The Secret. She is the founder of Motivating the Masses and CEO of Motivating the Teen Spirit, LLC.

    “One day I was with Lisa and staff in her room after an awesome conference. As I was getting ready to leave, I gave her a hug and she looks me in my eyes and says “Constance, I really like you! I said I love you Lisa. She said yeah, I love you and all.. But I REALLY LIKE YOU! You are so down to earth and genuine. And as I watched you in the conference and saw how you interacted with people and how real you were it made me really like you as a person.”

    Although that is a great compliment, what I really learned was how to not only live, but to lead an organization in integrity.

  6. Dr. Willie Jolley
    Dr. Willie Jolley has been described as a world-class, award-winning speaker and singer, best-selling author and media personality.Willie Jolley told me that…

    A set back is a set up for a done back.

  7. Kevin Maurice Johnson
     Kevin Maurice Johnson is an American former professional basketball player and politician who served as the 55th Mayor of Sacramento, California.Through Kevin’s Leadership, he showed me the possibility of progression.

    By being steadfast and true service, you can make what seems to be impossible, possible.

  8. Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson and his Rapid Ramen Cooker started from a $500 investment to making $5M revenue in under 4 years.Chris is a personal friend of mine. We were in the same elite leadership program several years ago. What Chris has shown me is…

    To not let the invention in your mind be invented by someone else. The big idea doesn’t belong to the person who dreamed it. But to the person who executed it”


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