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Education and training suited to instill competency on specific subject matter, which can be implemented with ease post workshop.


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I have many keynotes prepared and customized for various audiences. Whether we are discussing planning, strategy, or inspiring and giving folks the tools that are needed to go after their dreams, I show up ready to serve.

TV / Radio / Podcasts

Strategy Formulation

Does your audience have burning questions? Or is there a hot topic where you need a subject matter expert on what’s happening in real-estate, personal finance, or investing? Bring it on! I’m happy to discuss in an interview format or on a panel with other experts.

Blogs / Digital & Print Publications

Interviews and Quotes

Need a subject matter expert for an upcoming article that you are working on? As a credit, real-estate and wealth expertSend me an inquiry and I’ll get back to you if I can help.

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Personal & Professional Growth

Push past your fears, overcome obstacles, and live the life the life that you’ve always wanted. In this keynote, we discuss limiting beliefs and how to push past them by setting goals, and positioning yourself for success.

Build your credit so you can build you wealth

Get clear on what it takes to maintain & sustain wealthy credit habits so that you can fund the life of your dreams. Wealthy credit and good habits will provide you the leverage that you need in order to multiply your net worth in a short period of time.

5 Steps to Goal Setting

Learn the 5 steps that highly successful people use to crush their goals. I talk about how to visualize and formulate goals in such a way that builds confidence in your ability to meet your goals.

Roadmap to a 6 figure Realtor

Real-Estate is one of the most rewarding careers; however, without the proper blueprint to success, some agents do not end up living to their fullest potential. During this keynote, I present the exact strategy that I used to become a 6 Figure Agent.

Grow your money don’t blow your money – from consumer to investor

In this keynote, I share the secrets of the wealthy. I share the tools and techniques that I learned that have helped me on my wealth journey. You’ll learn how to locate your money, lower your bills, save, invest, and build your net worth.

Roadmap to homeownership

How to get started investing in real estate as a first time homebuyer, special financing programs, the closing process, positioning to build your investment portfolio, and more!

Real estate investment 101

Real-estate investing can be extremely lucrative if you use the right strategies. In our workshops, we teach you how to build a team, get investment capital, calculate your return, and how to determine a if a property is a good flip.

Flipping houses

Want to learn the secrets of how to spot the perfect homes to invest in, quickly rehab, and flip for profit? In my training, I show you how to get in and get it out while taking on little to no risk during the process.

What you need to know to make your credit score grow

The first key to building wealth is building a wealthy credit score, so that you can use your credit as leverage to build wealth. In this training, we discuss the mindset and actions needed to obtain and maintain wealth that can be passed on to future generations.