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Net 7 Collective

The Net 7 Collective is a dynamic and forward-thinking community of exceptional black women working towards a common goal of building generational wealth. The Collective embodies strength, power, and possibility.


Under the guidance of visionary leader Constance Carter, these accomplished individuals are tapping into a game-changing program that enables them to elevate their net worth to over one million dollars through the concepts they learn in a robust 12-week mastermind curriculum.


Rooted in the urgent need to address systemic financial inequality and to 'Google that Shit' like Constance so memorably emphasized in her viral TEDx talk, the Net 7 Collective is testament to the boundless potential of black women and their unyielding commitment to supporting one another.


While the group's top priority remains financial literacy and wealth building, the beauty of the Net 7 experience extends far beyond numbers and dollars. This passionate, self-made community welcomes women from all walks of life and across the country, providing opportunities to not only increase financial knowledge, but to also connect and engage with others who are equally ambitious and driven.


As Constance herself asserts, 'Make a black woman financially literate, and she changes generations'. And so, the Net 7 Collective is not just about fostering the professional growth of its members, it's a movement that's closing the wealth gap, one dynamic sister at a time.

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