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Net 7 Collective

The Net 7 Collective is a dynamic and forward-thinking community of exceptional black women working towards a common goal of building generational wealth. The Collective embodies strength, power, and possibility.


Under the guidance of visionary leader Constance Carter, these accomplished individuals are tapping into a game-changing program that enables them to elevate their net worth to over one million dollars through the concepts they learn in a robust 12-week mastermind curriculum.


Rooted in the urgent need to address systemic financial inequality and to 'Google that Shit' like Constance so memorably emphasized in her viral TEDx talk, the Net 7 Collective is testament to the boundless potential of black women and their unyielding commitment to supporting one another.


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  • Building Your Business Infrastructure - Business entity selection and registration - Legal and financial considerations - Creating a solid business plan - Business credit strategies


  • Branding/Marketing Your Business & the Power of AI - Developing a strong brand identity - Effective marketing strategies for reaching your target audience - Utilizing AI and technology for marketing and growth


  • Discovering and Monetizing Your Unique Genius - Identifying your unique skills and talents - Creating income streams from your passions - Leveraging your expertise for financial gain

  • Amplifying your voice - We delve into the art of effective public speaking to empower you as a communicator and thought leader.  Discover and hone the key elements that make a speech impactful, whether you're presenting to a small team or addressing a large audience. 


  • Monetizing with Course Creation and Community Building (Special Guest) - Creating and marketing online courses - Building and nurturing a supportive community - Membership site creation and management


  • Real Estate Investment Strategies 3 - Overview of real estate investment options - Assessing risks and opportunities - Strategies for building wealth through real estate


  • Real Estate Investing Through Land Banks  - In-depth exploration of land banks - Investing in undeveloped land and opportunities - Case studies and practical exercises


  • Investing Through Tax Deeds - Understanding tax deed investments - Identifying properties with potential - Navigating the tax deed auction process 


  • Entry Level Money Investment Strategies - Diversifying investment portfolios - Managing and optimizing investments - Wealth preservation and growth strategies


  • Stock Tips and Tricks  - Stock market investing essentials - Advanced stock investment strategies - Portfolio management and risk mitigation


  • Growing Your Wealth Through Compounding Interest and Creating Your Own Bank - The power of compounding interest - Strategies to create and manage personal banking systems - Asset protection and long-term wealth growth


  • Government Contracting Opportunities - Navigating government contracting - Identifying billion-dollar contracting opportunities - Preparing for government contract bids and proposals


  • 1:1 Strategy Session This session is the culmination of the strengths, knowledge, skills, and personal growth you've gained throughout the cohort experience. In this session, Constance Carter will work closely with you to harness your unique strengths, assess your knowledge, and align your skills with your goals. Together, you'll embark on the crucial task of crafting your WealthMap – a comprehensive, step-by-step guide designed to be your roadmap to achieving your financial aspirations. This WealthMap isn't just a document; it's a living, dynamic blueprint that encapsulates your vision for success. With Constance's guidance, you'll break down your goals into manageable tasks, outline the strategies needed to get there, and identify key milestones to track your progress. It's a personalized journey of self-discovery and strategic planning, aiming to empower you to take charge of your financial future and turn your dreams into concrete, achievable realities.


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