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Black Spending in 2024

I recently had an eye-opening episode on my Conversations with Constance Podcast where I delved into the critical subject of black spending and the importance of investing in real estate to build wealth and achieve financial independence. Throughout the episode, I was excited to promote my books and workbooks, which I intentionally offered at reduced prices because I'm passionate about helping others with their credit, wealth growth, and financial education. My mission is to empower black people financially, and I shared my success in running a real estate firm and investing in the market. I talked about my personal journey, including doing a cleanse and starting a mastermind group called the Net Seven Collective to help black women increase their net worth, which Tonia, one of the guests and participants, emphatically praised as life-changing. I addressed the stark historical racial targeting in consumer marketing and the consequential impact of our consumer habits on the economy. I emphasized the urgency of wealth building to lessen the wealth gap between black and white communities, referencing insightful sources like a Forbes article and a TED talk I'd previously given. I brought to light the use of compounded interest and shared examples of ultra-wealthy individuals who've leveraged it to create generational wealth. In a surprising turn, I mentioned my ownership of a marijuana dispensary and how I'm leveraging the earnings to invest in a permanent life insurance policy, outlining the benefits this will provide for both me and my children after I pass. My advice for diversifying one's portfolio extended to investing in permanent life insurance, and I highlighted my work with Brandy Bridget, the owner of the largest black-owned life insurance company in America. I explained Acorns, a platform that makes investing almost effortless by automatically investing spare change and I advocated for using the ten x method to maximize savings. I've been using Acorns and Robinhood myself, showing that consistent investments into stock portfolios can start with small amounts. I advised individuals to invest in products they actually use and like, such as cars, shoes, and technology, thereby turning everyday consumption into investment. I talked about the historical challenges faced by our black community and the vital need for unity to overcome systemic obstacles and create financial independence. My encouragement to listeners was heartfelt; I want to share more information on how they can create their own bank and how 'infinity banking' with a permanent life insurance policy can be a game-changer. I'm also promoting an investment opportunity with a platform called My Wealth Roadmap, which offers a diverse range of online trainings on topics from stock investment to starting a business, credit management, and real estate. I believe in this so much that I'm offering access to all my trainings for an inaugural monthly price of $47, which includes new training each month—a package valued at $7,500. My goal is to help as many people as possible, and for those seeking a more exclusive experience, there's also a VIP club. During the episode, we also had a rich discussion about the significant increase in African American wealth post-pandemic, the role of technology in business, and the sobering statistics on median black household income. I pushed for a shift from being an employee to becoming a business owner and investor, diversifying investments, which includes real estate and the stock market. My experience with investing for my children through Acorns, and the returns I've seen there, reinforced my message about the benefits of long-term investment and diversification. Even my venture into cryptocurrency, particularly with Shiba, underscored the potential for high returns with calculated risks. I didn't shy away from using biblical references to illustrate the importance of financial diversification, and I continuously emphasized starting with small investments to build habit and avoid financial strain. Lastly, I shared my excitement about providing game-changing information to my audience, my motivation to help others achieve financial freedom, and the wealth of resources and testimonials available to them. I couldn't end the episode without encouraging viewers to subscribe and view more content on my channel, as it's a way for me to reach more people and share valuable insights. The journey to financial literacy and freedom is one I am deeply committed to, and I truly believe in using the resources available to make informed and empowering investment decisions, whether in bitcoin, stocks, or business ventures.

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