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The Rise & Fall of Constance Carter


My name is Constance Carter, and I'm here to share my compelling journey of resilience, triumph over adversity, and dedication to helping others build generational wealth. From facing homelessness at 18 to navigating a challenging divorce, my story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the transformative impact of financial empowerment.

Rise from Adversity:

Reflecting on my past, I vividly recall the hardships I endured, including homelessness at 18 after my father remarried, leaving no place for me in the family home. Yet, I persevered by marrying my high school sweetheart and purchasing our first home at the tender age of 23. Little did I know that this real estate transaction would prove to be harrowing, leading to significant financial strain and hardship.

Leaning into Real Estate:

Fueled by my own experiences, I recognized the potential of real estate to build generational wealth. This realization prompted me to obtain my real estate license, driven by the desire to prevent others from facing similar misfortunes. This marked the genesis of my passion for serving and empowering people, using my own journey as a blueprint to guide others towards prosperity.

Navigating Adversity:

The tumultuous journey of my 21-year marriage culminated in a difficult divorce that exacted a heavy emotional and financial toll. Legal proceedings, coupled with external influences, led to the closure of two offices and a significant loss in revenue. Yet, I remained resilient, determined to rebuild my life and financial stability in the face of these setbacks.

Resilience and Transformation:

Confronted with life-altering changes, I made the bold decision to relocate to the East Coast with my children, marking a fresh start in my personal and professional journey. Despite the loss of a million dollars in revenue, I leveraged my knowledge and strategic investments to rebuild my net worth. This unwavering resilience, coupled with an ability to embrace change, paved the way for a transformative period of personal growth and renewed happiness.

Empowering Black Women:

My unwavering commitment to uplifting and empowering black women has become central to my current endeavors. I have dedicated myself to coaching and mentoring black women nationwide, sharing my expertise, and connecting them with valuable resources and insights from my network of industry experts. My focus on increasing the net worth of black women by seven figures underscores my passion for closing the wealth gap and leaving a substantial legacy for future generations.

Serving and Inspiring:

Central to my ethos is a profound dedication to serving and uplifting others. My remarkable journey from financial adversity to building a multi-million-dollar business has solidified my mission of utilizing my experiences as a catalyst for positive change. By leveraging my platform and expertise, I am committed to transforming the lives of others, especially those who have faced systemic barriers to financial success.

Transitioning to a New Chapter:

My journey exemplifies the transformative power of resilience, fortitude, and unwavering determination. Through my experiences, I have gained profound insights that I eagerly share with others, igniting hope and inspiration in those who aspire to attain financial empowerment and create a lasting impact.


My journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of resilience, unwavering determination, and a commitment to serving others. My dedication to empowering black women and closing the wealth gap underscores the profound impact of leveraging one's own experiences to uplift and inspire others. My legacy serves as a beacon of hope, guiding individuals towards financial empowerment and generational wealth.

In summary, my unwavering commitment to serving and inspiring others, combined with my remarkable journey from financial adversity to entrepreneurial success, epitomizes the tremendous impact of resilience, determination, and selfless service in transforming lives and creating enduring prosperity.

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